Ms. Austin’s latest book,  ‘From Parent to POWER'  replaces the book Parents, the Power Behind Your Child's Success and includes more educational material like the Assignment Evaluation Tracking Grid, which helps parents identify and keep track of quality assignments given to their child.  In addition, readers’  reviews favor the increase of real case scenarios surrounding controversial topics like teenage prostitution/exploitation, parent/teen suicide and negative spirits/energy in the home. The 34 scenarios help parents plan and effectively deal with complicated and difficult issues. With more spiritual guidance verses and concepts to help parents, the book continues to be a success.  


All parents and all children will benefit from the information presented in the book.  The book has been designed to help one cultivate their child’s uniqueness, develop their child’s potential and help their child succeed even greater in school and life.


In her words, I've been working with parents on parenting issues for over 7 yrs, and unfortunately, many parents feel powerless as parents. We want parents to know that they don't have to be confused, unsure or frustrated in parenting their children. We definitely don't want parents to parent out of fear; a lot of parents are doing this. We must admit that when we see children commit serious and violent crimes and exhibit those behaviors, something is wrong. Too often, parents are afraid; they don't know what to do. In II Timothy 1:7 it states, For GOD has not given us the Spirit of fear; but of Power and of Love, and of a Sound Mind. Therefore, we have to teach and show parents that they have this spiritual power and love, and that they don't have to be confused and fearful. It is one thing to go to church, but too often parents have difficulties applying their spiritual guidance in their lives and to parenting their children.

In this book, we teach and give parents strategies and principles to use in their parenting. In addition, because many parents have to interact with schools, we teach parents about education and how to work effectively with the schools.  

The book teaches parents how to positively get involved in the education process so that their child can reach his/her full potential.  Topics such as Cognitive Development, Bloom’s Taxonomy, and Multiple Intelligence are discussed

From Parent to POWER,
is the only book that teaches parents how to nurture the wholeness of a child through Education, Spiritual Guidance, and Involved Parenting. 



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