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Parents:  Why We Should Service You...

Preventing Problems
and Positioning for Success...
Through education, our seminars enable parents  to recognize possible problem areas in the educational process of their child, and address them accordingly.  In addition, parents are able to be influential in the outcome of their child's education - thereby, better positioning their child to access and create opportunities (i.e. positioning for success).

Creating Quality Education...Through partnership, our individual education management plans facilitate us working with the parent to identify quality teachers, review work for quality standards and create quality education for the child.  In addition, we teach parents how to set quality standards in the classroom for their child while working with the teacher.

Advocacy/Resolving...Through professional and ethical standards and practices, our advocacy program assist parents in resolving issues in a reasonable acceptable amount of time.

Structuring Individual Education Plans...Through honesty and communication, our services facilitate, help and enable the creation of a structured quality educational plan for the child.  In addition, we work with the parent in preparing the child to move to the next step in creating a quality life.

Supporting and Uplifting You...Through interaction, our website, interactive blogs, parenting and educational support groups, etc.  allow parents to share information and formulate strategies for success.  Therefore, creating a community support network.


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