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DeKalb County School System, GA

Is your child Student X?
The DCSS Superintendentís position to stand firm in forcing Student X to move backwards cites a 1973 court case out of Texas, offers Student X a position in another school on the Needs Improvement list and recognizes that all the schools that meet Student Xís educational needs are located on the Northside of Dekalb County.

As we stated in our motion:

Although we are not attorneys, we believe that there is no law, level of professionalism, and/or public opinion that supports violating a childís educational rights, forcing a child to move backwards into a sub-quality educational program and environment, setting a child up to loose educational ground and setting a minority student up to loose educational ground to nonminority counterparts, reducing the quality of education a child receives, disenfranchising a child, denying a child fair, equal and significant opportunity of equitable access to present and future high quality educational opportunities in the same school district, implementing purposeful discrimination that overwhelmingly negatively impacts Blacks while overwhelmingly positively favoring nonminority students, etc. etc. etc.

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