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In My Shoes' Founder
Phyllis Austin
    Gives Thanks and reflects on
the  state of education in georgia

July 2006 marked 5 yrs that In My Shoes has been in existence.  I want to thank our supporters and sponsors.  Without you, we would not be here. 

In My Shoes have helped over 15,000 parents and students in resolving conflict and achieving academic success.  During the 2005-2006 school year, went from receiving less than 9000 visits per month to getting 40,000+  visits per month. In addition, Epson, Inc. and the Atlanta Hawks organization were added to the list of corporate sponsors.

In My Shoes will continue to educate Georgia's parents on education to increase the academic success of Georgia students. We have a lot of work to do and can no-longer ignore the state of education in Georgia.  Our state fluctuates between 49th and 50th in education.  Georgia students lag their peers in other states in academic performance according to the results of norm reference tests such as ITBS, SAT, and ACT.  Forty-four percent of Georgia's 9th graders do not graduate from high school.  The Hope scholarship and preparing students for tech school after high school are not programs designed to decrease the drop-out rate of Georgia students.  They have been ineffective in ceasing or curtailing the number of students who leave Georgia public schools before obtaining a High School diploma. 

The following link details the deplorable college graduation rates in the University System of Georgia.

University System of Georgia Graduation Rates

Continuing, Georgia has one of the highest prison rates in the nation; one out of every ten people in
Georgia will serve time in prison, which is twice the national average, and 80% of the male population in Georgia prisons lack a high school diploma and read at elementary levels. The average reading level of a Georgia prisoner is 7th grade. Lastly and sadly, Georgia has a better vocational program in prison than in its high schools. 

In essence, any school geared to educating all students for college is inadequate, and eliminating vocational and tech programs from high school is unacceptable.  Hiring school administrators based on friendship is reckless, and misleading parents about their child's ability based on inflated grades, low standards, and the CRCT should be criminal.

As a state, I believe Georgia can do better.  Georgia must stop educating the majority of its students into drop-out, homelessness, prison, and unemployment. 

Parents, what role will you play?  Parents, don't allow your children to be mis-educated, under-educated, or non-educated. 

     Parents, you are the power behind your
  child's success.