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Complete List of Seminars / Workshops

Empowering parents to positively influence the course and outcome of their child's education because they are able to recognize, access, assess, and if necessary, create quality education for their child.




Sept 26 and Oct 2009
Parent Education Seminars / Workshops

Public/Private/Home School
HIGH Quality Education

All seminars will be held at our Atlanta Station office facility,
201 17th St. NW Suite 300 - Atlanta, GA 30363,
which is secured and requires us to notify security of who to allow up. 
Therefore, you must register and pay in advance.  Thank you.

(Note:  All seminars discuss topics across the spectrum of home/parenting,
school, community, and governmental factors.)

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Helping your child reach full potential / Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligence
Sat. Sept. 26 - 9:30-11am  Seminar/Workshop Closed
Mon. Oct 12 - 9:30 - 11am

Seminar will look at how to determine your child’s unique way of learning and processing information, how to recognize and strengthen areas of deficiencies and family support on homework, projects, etc. Parents will learn about differentiated multi-leveled teaching, learning, assessment, evaluation, etc.


Classroom Observation and Evaluation
Sat. Sept 26 - 11:30 am - 1pm  Seminar/Workshop Closed
Mon. Oct. 12 - 11:30 - 1pm

Seminar will focused on preparing a parent to properly observe and evaluate the classroom setting for high quality learning and teaching.  Parents will be given tools to use as they collect data.  Parents will learn what factors to focus in on and how to properly assess and evaluate the data, etc



Is Your Child Really Succeeding In School -
Pt 1: Regress To The Mean
Sat. Oct. 10 - 9:30 - 11am
Tues. Oct 13 - 9:30 - 11am

Parents are empowered with knowledge about how a child can earn A's and B's while regressing in a classroom.  Parents will learn how their child's schedule, in relationship with the teacher's schedule, can set the child in a position to regress. Other unique factors will be discussed, which are indicators for regression, etc.


Is Your Child Really Succeeding In School -
Pt 2:  Grade inflation
Sat. Oct. 10 - 11:30 - 1pm  
Tues. Oct 13 - 11:30 - 1pm

Grade inflation is the primary reason why high school students with high GPAs are not admitted into college and do not qualify  for academic scholarships.  Parents will learn how to recognize, understand, prevent grade inflation, etc.




High/Quality Education and High/Quality Teaching
Mon. Oct. 12 - 1:30 - 3pm

Parents will learn the criteria for and characteristics of a High Quality Education. High Quality Education begins with High Quality Standards, Expectations, and Teachers. Parents will learn the differences between a Provisional Teacher/non-renewable v Qualified Teacher v Quality Teacher v High Quality Teacher.  Which teacher does your child have?   What is the experience level of your child's teacher?  Parents will learn how to recognize quality work, etc.

Effective Communication Pt 1 - Communicating with Schools
Sat. Oct 24 - 9:30 - 11am

Parents will  learn how to communicate effectively with the school for success - from prevention to resolution, from classroom to central office, etc.  Parents will examine the Code of Ethics for educators, the strategy in writing effective letters and sending emails, etc.

Effective Communication Pt 2 - Communicating with children and
Sat, Oct 24 - 11:30 - 1pm

Parents will learn and examine effective communication strategies for use with children especially. Teenagers, etc.

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