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Teacher Volunteers Needed

We need teacher volunteers; retirees are welcomed.  If you hold a valid Georgia Educator's license and you want to volunteer, please click here and enter info.

We need teachers to volunteer in various areas, including but not limited to:

1) Crisis - When families are displaced and relegated to crisis centers, it helps when teachers can work with the children in the centers.
2) Community Education Meetings
3) Fundraisers and Community Events


DeKalb County School System, GA

Civil Rights Violations in DeKalb County School System, GA


DeKalb County School System, GA

Student X is being forced to move backwards/regress.

Student X has been placed in a school that meets educational needs. 

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Is your child Student X?
The DCSS Superintendentís position to stand firm in forcing Student X to move backwards cites a 1973 court case out of Texas, offers Student X a position in another school on the Needs Improvement list and recognizes that all the schools that meet Student Xís educational needs are located on the Northside of Dekalb County.

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DeKalb County School System, GA

1000s of Students' Educational Rights may have been Violated

DeKalb County School System, GA

I Civil Rights Violations

*Complaints will be filed with ACLU and Office of Civil Rights

During the course of fighting for Student X's Educational needs, we discovered an intricate process that makes accessing High Quality Education for students on the South end of DeKalb County, who tend to be predominantly overwhelmingly Black, nearly impossible.  Therefore, there exist a very very very high probability that 1000s of DCSS students had and currently are having their educational rights violated.

It is important to note:

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Dekalb County School System, GA

II NCLB Violations

*Program Fraud Complaint Filed with Office of Inspector General
*Complaint filed with ACLU
*Complaint filed with Georgia Professional Practices

During the course of fighting for Student X's Educational needs, we recognized that DCSS was misleading, misrepresenting, and responding to our NCLB right as a HB 251 right.  Therefore, trying to deny Student X's right to move to a school, which meet the student's educational needs.

Many more parents' NCLB rights may have been violated.

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