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1) Our Official newsletter, the bulletin board, will be arriving in your email in box during the week of
august 10, 2009

2) Hijacking of message board

During the month of June, we were notified by our hosting company about unsavory comments on one of our message boards.  This message board was one we had not used in years; therefore, the links had long been removed from our web pages.  The site was password protected.  However, when we switched hosting companies, the password was removed.

What we learned was that people who engaged in unsavory conduct look to hijack unsuspecting websites.  We want to thank our hosting company for their acute monitoring system. 

We do not believe, at this time, any of our patrons, were affected.  If so, please let use know and we do apologize.

3) the Special Summer Parent Education Seminars Have been canceled.

On June 27, 2009, In My Shoes started and attempted to do mass parent education seminars at very low costs.  To keep costs low, we needed sponsors to host the seminars.  We contacted many churches.  However, we had one host sponsor.
In My Shoes, Inc will continue with its regular seminars held at various conference centers throughout the school year.

One Side Note: 

In speaking with one parent, he said a school is a school.  Sadly, I understand that many parents will compare the quality of clothing, cars, houses, etc., but will send their child's mind anywhere. What's worst -  refusing to get the knowledge that will help them create quality education for their child.




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