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Amazon.com Advantage Unit Sales and Inventory Report

Adobe PDF Download the Reports Guide (PDF) here.

Read more about Unit Sales & Inventory Reports - including definitions, Frequently Asked Questions, and instructions on how to download your Sales reports - here.

Report Last updated: September 29, 2008

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Title ASIN ISBN/UPC/EAN Price Discount Cost Status Unit Sales 07/2008 Unit Sales 08/2008 Unit Sales 09/2008 Sellable Inventory Unsellable Inventory Customer Owned Total Inventory Units Unit Sales Amount - Current MTD
From Parent to Power   097599171X  9780975991718  
$ 15.00
$ 6.75
Active  13  13 
$ 13.50
Parents the Power Behind Your Child's Success   0975991701  9780975991701  
$ 12.95
$ 5.83
$ 0.00
TOTALS 1 0 2 13 0 0 13 $ 13.50

Displaying 1 to 2 of 2 Items Page 1
Report Column Definitions
  • ASIN: Amazon Standard Item Number
  • ISBN: International Standard Book Number
  • UPC: Universal Product Code
  • EAN: European Article Number
  • Price: This is the List Price of the product. Please note that all payments to you are based on this price. We will only update this price when you notify us of a change via the Contact Us form. Be sure to contact us immediately if the price above is incorrect for any product.
  • Discount: The % of the Price retained by Amazon upon the sale of the product. Cost paid to vendor is equal to (1 - discount %) * Price for each unit sold.
  • Status: There are three possible item statuses.
    Active: This is the normal condition for units that you are able to fulfill to us.
    Suspended: Titles are suspended if there is some temporary reason why you will not be able to fulfill our orders.
    Closing: Titles are permanently suspended and will be removed from your account when all inventory has been sold to customers or returned.
    Please note that we require action on your account to remove titles from the "suspended" condition. Please review your "suspended" titles and inform us when they become available again.
  • Unit Sales columns: There are three columns representing Unit Sales: Current Month-to-date, last month, and two months ago.
  • Sellable Units: Total amount of units in Amazon's Fulfillment Center(s) minus Unsellable and Customer Owned Units
  • Unsellable Units: The number of units in Amazon's Fulfillment Center(s) that were classified as having sufficient damage to render them unsuitable for sale upon arrival at our facilities
  • Customer Owned Units: The number units in Amazon's Fulfillment Center(s) allocated to some outbound process (customer order or removal)
  • Total Units: The sum of (Sellable + Unsellable + Customer Owned Units)